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Heimish was founded in late 2018 (5779) to provide a welcoming environment for all Jews who are passionate about growth through prayer and Torah-learning to flourish. Since inception, its magnetic draw has continued to grow in strength, bringing Jews of all backgrounds together with the common purpose of enhancing their relationship with the Aibershter.


Whether it be through the electric Kabbalas Shabbos, the many enlightening and thought-provoking Torah lessons, or the experience of its intimate shalosh seudos, the residents of Houston find HEIMISH a fresh water source to quench their thirst for connection to Hashem. Join us and become a partner in building this wonderful Kiddush Hashem – transforming lives and warming hearts.

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In the Fondren Southwest neighborhood in the Northfield subdivision


11811 Dandelion Ln,
Houston, TX 77071